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Volunteer Position Description: Humane Action Radio Assistants and DJs

Position Overview

This position will give a holistic view into the world of running an internet radio station.  The volunteer will have knowledge and an understanding of station programming, show preparation and execution, technical aspects such as recording, mixing, and editing, as well as the business and marketing side of radio.

Purpose of the Position

·         Assist in content development, marketing, and technical issues

·         Opportunity to program unique radio content on several 2-hour shifts during a week

·         Promote Humane Action Pittsburgh’s mission through the internet radio medium

Duties and Responsibilities

·         Assist with production of on-air programming

·         Help maintain station website and social media accounts

·         Interact and socialize with listeners through digital means

·         Develop and produce on-air segments

·         Strategize tools for marketing to a diverse group of listeners

·         Respond to HAP leadership emails and calls within 48 hours.

·         Be prepared and on-time for meetings and events.

·         Share and support HAP’s mission and core values; adhere to HAP’s policies.

·         Other duties as needed.

Training Requirements

Training on HAP’s values and policies.

Skills and Qualifications

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Working knowledge of, or a willingness to learn

·         Ability to follow instructions and meeting deadlines.

·         Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and non-partisan manner.

·         Ability to work independently, follow direction, and meet deadlines.

·         Ability to record and edit various formats of incoming audio and save in mp3 format.

Time Commitment Required

3 – 4 hours per week.


Work can be done remotely.

Benefits to the Volunteer

·         Build your resume, both professional and volunteer

·         Put your skills to work helping further animal protection issues

·         Be a valued HAP team member.


Jason Hinkledire, Humane Action Radio Program Director

Natalie Ahwesh, Vice President

What Volunteers Can Expect from HAP

·         Support of HAP leadership and members.

·         Respect and appreciation for your contribution and input.

To apply for this job please visit

Humane Action Pittsburgh

To apply for this job please visit

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