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Volunteer Position Description: Administrative Assistant

Position Overview

Humane Action Pittsburgh (HAP) is seeking a volunteer to assist leadership on a regular basis with research, communication, education, etc.  HAP is a fully volunteer-run organization, and our members provide a powerful voice for legislation, personal health, and personal activism.

Duties and Responsibilities

·      Assist leadership with duties as needed

·      Weekly check-in meetings with leadership

·      Respond to HAP leadership emails and calls within 48 hours

·      Be prepared and on-time for meetings and events

·      Share and support HAP’s mission and cover values; adhere to HAP’s policies

·      Other duties as needed

Training Requirements

Training on HAP’s values and policies.

Skills and Qualifications

·      Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written

·      Research capabilities

·      Excellent organizational skills

·      Technology and ability to attend meetings both in person and online

·      Ability to meet deadlines

·      Ability to present yourself in a friendly, professional, and non-partisan manner

·      Ability to work independently, follow and give instructions, and meet deadlines

·      Working knowledge of Google Drive, or a willingness to learn

Time Commitment Required

2 – 3 hours per week


Location varies; typically within the City of Pittsburgh. Much of the work can be done remotely.

Dress Code

Professional dress required for meetings.  If attending an informal event, volunteer must purchase a HAP or NPP t-shirt at cost.

Benefits to the Volunteer

·      Put your skills to work helping further animal protection

·      Know you are making a difference in reducing the suffering of animals, improving the health of the general public, and saving the environment for future generations

·      Opportunity to meet new people and network with community members and volunteers

·      Be a valued HAP team member

·      Build your resume

·      Gain real world experience while helping animals


Natalie Ahwesh, Vice President

Brian Bonsteel, Founder and President

What Volunteers Can Expect From HAP

·      Support of HAP leadership and members

·      Respect and appreciation for your contribution an input

To apply for this job please visit

Humane Action Pittsburgh

To apply for this job please visit

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Humane Action Pittsburgh

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