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Plant-based meats for EVERYONE, made in Vietnam

As food lovers, we have spent years exploring the benefits of a plant-based diet and tasting all kinds of products all over the world.

The idea behind IS IT MEAT? was to find a way to create nutritious plant-based meats without compromising on taste. Why should you have to sacrifice the crunch and taste of that burger patty and those nuggets you so often crave? Why give up the flavour of those beautiful breakfast sausages if you can have an alternative, which makes you and the planet feel good?

Why Vietnam?

We left our corporate lives in London in search for something new and meaningful. When we moved to Vietnam, we saw a big gap in terms of locally produced tasty plant-based meats. We decided to take this opportunity to fill that gap and bring delicious meat alternatives to our beloved customers. Vietnamese are increasingly conscious about their health and we are very excited to start our IS IT MEAT? journey here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with delicious plant-based meats without compromises, while having a positive impact on the environment, animals and human health. We aim to provide plant-based meat for EVERYONE, not just vegans or vegetarians, all made in Vietnam.

Highs and Lows

So far, we have mostly experienced highs. Our customers have been absolutely fantastic and we could not have hoped for any more support. We have been receiving some lovely feedback which always put big smiles on our faces and remind us why we started.

However, IS IT MEAT? is still in its infancy and of course it means a lot of work. We truly believe in our business and have a very clear goal, which makes it a lot easier for us. We could not be anymore excited about what the future has to bring for IS IT MEAT? and we are excited to launch new products over the coming months.

Jesse & Andrea from IS IT MEAT?

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