30 Tips for Easy Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

plant-based diet

It is an undeniable secret that plant-based diets are overtaking animal-oriented delicacies. Many are running after them to experience the dietary benefits that come along with them. But switching from your routine to plant-based food is usually an uphill task. If you are still passionate about change, then follow the tips below. 

1.    Understand Your Goal

You must know why you want to change. There can be various reasons/explanations for this change. To some, it may be some medical advice, religious beliefs, love for animals or dictated by environmental changes. Remember your reason(s) and plan. Planning is one of the best things you can do to make the transition.

plant-based diet

2.    Start Slowly

You can begin to introduce plant foods as you cut down on meat intake. Increase the portion of vegetables as you minimize meat. Gradually, you can start to swap meat for plant-based nutrients. 

3.    Substitute Plants for Animal Products

Suppose your regular dinner has animal-based proteins like chicken or meat, then change the protein version. Alternatively, use beans, peanuts, or peas to supplement your protein deficit.

4.    Be a Food Detective

It is critical to read the label on the packed food. Some companies use milk derivatives which might surprise you. Read the ingredient list and avoid those names that you can never pronounce. Help is on hand, technology comes to the rescue. There are a number phone apps that contain a curated database of product barcodes. All you have to do the scan the barcode and the app will do the rest.

Is it Vegan?

Vegan Scanner

5.    Use plant-based breakfast

You can take it as a commitment to consume a plant-based breakfast only. You can even advance the vegetarian diet to lunch. As they say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

6.    Eat your favorite Food

It would help if you settled for your favorite plant-based diet. Notably, there are some food options out there that you will enjoy more than others. 

7.    Focus on Adding, Not Subtracting

Your focus should be on adding plant-based foods instead of dwelling on what you can’t eat. When walking around the supermarket it’s daunting as you look at things you “can’t” when your focus should be on what you “can” eat. As such, your mindset will see what you are gaining from the new venture. 

focus on what you can eat

8.    Cover Your Basics

As you consume a plant-based diet, you should be sure you get high-quality vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These are vital nutrients for your health; therefore, never overlook them. 

Vitamin B12Vitamin DIodine
Long-chain omega-3sIronCalcium

All vegans who are unable to meet their dietary recommendations through diet alone should consider taking supplements. Still, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement regime.

9.    Join a Community

The journey of change is not as easy. Remember you are not alone. You can join other friends who are on the same challenge. We’ve created this community forum for seasoned vegans as well as newbies, it couldn’t be more simple to join, just click here. Alternatively, join chat groups, and other online communities to draw strength. 

10. Watch Your Protein

Protein is a necessary ingredient in your body. However, over consumption of it can be harmful. Consume enough protein to meet the essential amino acid requirement in your body. If you are worried you can use this protein calculator on veganook.

11. Blogs and Recipes

You should follow blogs that teach the best plant-based food. Also, grab a copy of recipes that will teach you how to cook plant-based food. 

12. Encourage Your Family and Friend

You can encourage your family and close friends to begin the challenge of becoming a plant-based. Eating such foods with your family and friends is healthy and encouraging. 

13. Stock Up on Health Foods

You should take time and find healthy, fresh and vegan products either in the farmer’s market or in store. You should stock the pantry with suitable combinations to overcome any deficits. 

14. Let Your Meals be Fun and Exciting

You can focus on the foods you like and make simple recipes that make them flavorful and fun. Also, invest more time in using what works for you best. 

15. Create New Habits Gently

You do not have to be perfect to stay in the challenge. Your mind plays a critical role in your success. It takes a minimum 21 days for a new habit to form, so don’t beat yourself up. In some cases it can take much longer. Accept and always appreciate small changes that you encounter. 

habit forming graph

16. Progress not Perfection

One should never give up when encountering a mishap. The secret is in picking up and moving forward to attain your goals. One small failure should never cause you to throw up your success. 

17. Prepare Your Food

You must prepare your food. The practice is key to living a healthy and successful plant-based life. You will discover that some of the delicacies are easy to prepare. As Benjamin Fraklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

18. Bulk Food Preparation

A new diet is likely to attract more cooking. As such, you can avoid such a scenario by cooking bulk food, and storing some in the fridge for future use.


19. Make it a Smoothie

You can get creative by using a blender to make some of those tasty fruits and not so tasty vegetables. If you don’t like spinach or kale try it in a smoothie with Pineapple, the super sweet fruit will mask the taste/flavour. You can add some nuts and seeds to make it more nutritious. 

20. Remind Yourself

If you are switching to plant-based for health reasons then it’s a good idea to remind yourself of these nice reasons;

  • May Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • May Keep Your Heart Healthy
  • May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  • Could Help You Lose Weight
  • May Help You Live Longer
  • May Minimize Your Risk of Stroke
  • May Decrease Your Risk of Cancer
  • May Improve Your Cholesterol
  • May Keep Your Brain Strong

21. Give it Time

As you implement a new habit, you will encounter a few changes in your body. It may range from bloating or digestive changes. Relax and allow your body to adapt to such changes. 

22. Opt for a Meal Delivery Service

Some plant-based eaters are lazy when it comes to cooking. You can settle for a meal delivery service to access ready meals as scheduled. In the UK there’s All Plants and in the USA how about Purple Carrot

23. Be Accountable

The issue of evaluating your progress is always challenging. You can use a friend, family member, or an app to account for your progress. This action keeps you on toes and focus on your goal.

24. Visit Vegan Based restaurants.

You should find the vegan-based eateries in your locality. It is a sure way of avoiding temptation when you are away from home. The best and one of the longest running apps/website is Happy Cow

25. Visit a Dietician

Speak to a dietitian who will advise you on proper meal plans. There are are also a number of vegan trainers that can educate you and help with meal plans. Check out Sophie Wright a vegan PT who will assist you with your plant-based diet.

26. Move

You don’t need to start a gym or take yoga classes. Just move! Walking 20 minutes a day will improve your general health. Invest in a step tracker or uses one on your phone/smart watch.

27. Drink Water

Keep cold water in the fridge, buy a water filter to make your tap water taste better.

28. Take enough rest

You should sleep for six to eight hours to overcome physical and emotional stress. As such, you remain in sound health. 

29. Make a solid Commitment

As you set a good foundation in qualitative intake of a plant-based diet, then commit to it. Set aside weeks and months that you will dedicate to your plan. 

30. Pay Yourself

One should celebrate small wins. If you are doing it as a group. You should appreciate every positive step you make

Final Thoughts 

The journey of changing your eating habits is always gradual- remember “baby steps” is best. We hope you learned something from our plant-based diet Happy eating and walking!

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