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  • jessica

    September 30, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Money/time saving tips:

    Buy in bulk – I like the ability to check the price per oz on Amazon. Otherwise I do my own calculations. Cost/weight. If it’s something that can last a while without going bad, you could save a lot.

    Cook in bulk – I usually make more than my wife can eat, then freeze single or double portions to eat during the week.

    Batch things for the week – A side dish, dressing, sauce. I usually put a little time in on Sunday and make a few things to save some time during the week. It cuts down on my weekly cooking and also stops me from eating unhealthy things when I don’t have time to cook.

    Price checking – Check the prices at a few locations and see who has the best deals on products you typically buy. I can get a 2 lb bag of Walnuts at Costco, for the same price as a 1lb bag at the local store. Same goes for pecans, Maple syrup, avocados, fruit and a bunch of other things. Create a spreadsheet and jot down where you get what. Then before you go to that store, check the list and see if you are low on anything.

    Make 1 meal into 2 – Make enough to re-purpose your meal into a lunch the next day. Then add a new element, some new ingredients and you have a whole new meal. Today’s Tostadas can be tomorrow’s chipotle taco salad.

    Anyone anymore tips you can share?

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