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Eve Olive is the first licensed vegan restaurant on Vancouver Island, BC. We are a small (32 seats) wine and cocktails lounge, with a menu of tapas (all vegan) available in large entree sizes as well and we are currently doing a lot of take-out as well. We are located in North Nanaimo at the top of Rutherford Hill.

The position starts at $16 plus gratuities (about $2-7 an hour, cash every night), plus meal perks and optional benefits.  For the 20-25 hours per week, it will stay that way, and for the 30-40 hours per week, there is a $1 raise at both the 2 and 4 months mark, (making that position $20-$23 per hour with gratuities).

We are looking mainly for Back Of House at the moment. We need one good candidate, 5 nights per week (Wed-Sun, our open days), who can work 20-35 hours per week (can be 20-25 or 30-35, depending on what the hired person desires and their skill set, but we just really want/need to find the right person!)

The qualities/skills we are looking are are:

1. Work Ethic: task oriented, can follow recipes, attentive to making and executing prep lists as well as dishes consistently, is on time, efficient and able bodied

2. Attitude: Easy going, can take direction (how dishes go out, sizing etc), gets along with the team and shows up with a good attitude, and can work calmly under pressure.

3. Experience: This is the least important of the qualities we are looking for; however, some kitchen experience and knowledge is a HUGE asset. Knowing how to dice onions, work the hot line, care for equipment, work with dough (pizza, pita and ravioli are all made from scratch), having food safe, cleaning the deep fryer and the like would be assets (any one of the those would be an asset) and also knowing how the the kitchen is paced and works is an asset to know, mutually, that it would be a good fit 🙂

We are also hiring part time, experienced server

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