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Feb 13

Zoom Live Cooking Class – Japanese Street Foods vol.4 – Potstickers

February 13, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm PST

This is a online fundraising cooking class for Temple KUKURI where you can learn how to cook Japanese street food, potstickers a

Learn how to cook healthy and holistic meal. We will be making potsticker wrapping dough and filling from scratch to celebrate Chinese New Year. We will be exploring vegan and meat filling with authentic wheat flour dough.

Regular Ticket: Suggested Donation $25 – $35 ( If you cannot attend this class and would like to donate a ticket to someone specific, please choose this ticket and email us with the name of a person who will attend the class.) This event is a fundraising for Temple KUKURI. We appreciate your support so we can keep offering our services and classes.

Gift Ticket Donation: Suggested Donation $25 -$35 (If you would like to support Temple KUKURI and give a scholarship for teens or simply donate to us, you can choose this gift ticket. Thank you for your support. If would like to be notified who received your gift ticket, please write “Notify me.” in the note or email us. If you would like to send this ticket to specific person, please choose regular ticket above.)

Scholarships for teens are available from Temple KUKURI holistic living program for Youth.  When it is available we will announce it on FB post. Please email us if you would like to be on the list or the scholarship or Please follow us https://www.facebook.com/templekukuri

Instructor: Sawako Ama (Sacramento Natural Foods Coop Cooking Instructor)

What you will learn in this class:

– How to make wheat wrapping dough from scratch. (you can also choose to use store-bought wrap.

– How to make vegan or authentic meat filling (you can choose from pork, chicken, turkey or shrimp).

– How to wrap authentic and modern ways.

– How to panfry to make crunchy potstickers.

-How to make different dishes with potstickers and left-over dough.

– How to make authentic sauce.

This is a live streaming cooking class via zoom. You will be cooking in your kitchen (or you can just watch if you like) while you watch this live online class. You will need to assemble the ingredients below by the class date. The link to the class and list of the detailed ingredients will be sent to you within 2weeks after your reservation or with the confirmation mail after February 2nd. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL BOX! If you do not receive the ingredients list email by February 6th, please contact us.

Limited to 30 participants

After the official class ends, we will be having extra time to eat together and connect to each participants. If you wish to not stay for connecting time, you are free to leave the online class.

Your family is welcome to participate.

Please contact us in advance If you have trouble finding any ingredients in the list. Let Sawako help you with substitute suggestion. Sawako will also talk about adapting recipes in her class.

All proceeds will go to Temple KUKURI.

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To give you an idea for what you will need, here is the list of ingredients. The specific amount of the ingredients will be sent to you after you register.

Wrapping Dough: You can choose to use store-bought potsticker skin or make your own from scratch. If you choose to make your own you will need: all purpose flower

Filling: choose your filling from vegan or meat

vegan: brown mushroom or/and shiitake mushroom, green cabbage, Asian garlic chive (or green onion), ginger and garlic

Meat: ground meat (pork, turkey, chicken or shrimp), green cabbage, Asian garlic chive (or green onion), ginger and garlic

Sauce: soysauce, vinegar (rice or apple cider), toasted sesame oil, chili pepper or your favorite hot sauce